• Playing: DRAMAtical Murder, Destiny, Devil May Cry 4, TES Skyrim .

• Replaying: Remember Me , DMC Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising .

• Watching: Breaking Bad S5 and a bunch of anime .

• ❀ Husband and Wife . ❀

• Hello, so I just wanted to say the reason why I have been so absent and I'm really sorry about it I really am, but the reason is school is being such a pain in the ass for me with all the tests and homeworks, and when I get home I'm so tired and I just lie in my bed and I pass out or just go play video games, in this week 18 - 24 october I will try to activate my queue for the whole week so my blog doesn't start to die out but yeah I hope you guys understand it, have a nice day ! x ♥

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